BEYOND - Depart for a new cruise in Setouchi

Custom Made Tour in Setouchi

You can leave all the cordination to SICS Ship / Meal / Sightseeing

The Seto Inland sea is the largest inland sea in Japan and it's located in the central of the Chugoku Shikoku region.
The beauty of the archipelago is drawing attention from all over the world.
Let's depart for cruise in Stouchi. Leave all the cordination include Ship, Meal and Sightseeing to SICS.
We'll propose you Custom Made Plan.

Custom Made Tour

Customize your trip according to your request.
We will arrange all the ships, sightseeing and meals according to your budget.


We're also offering Packages.
You can find favaorite one and add on to your trip.

Let's go on
a new trip to Setouchi

SICS will propose custom made plan
which is suitable for you.

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