Custom Made Tour

We provide one-stop solution services in Setouchi, from proposals for charter boats that match the theme of travel to local travel coordination.

We provide one-stop solutions and coordination for local sightseeing spots, dining venues, routes and port departures and arrivals.

Making easier to travel around the Setouchi Islands

One-stop solution to questions about planning a course.It is possible to develop and propose crossing routes as well as excursions starting from each port. Settlement is also one-stop.

Flow Flow from inquiry to application

  1. Contact us from Inquiry Form
    Please inform us the contents that have been decided when you send us inquiry.
  2. Response
    We will propose a charter ship and itinerary plan according to your request.
  3. Application
    After applying, we will take care of the event until preparation for departure. We will also settle the payment.

SICS will create a custom-made new cruise centered around Setouchi!

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Ships チャーター船の種類

Setouchi islands 瀬戸内の島々

Fishing experience program

We are creating projects that are tied up with local fishermen, such as fishing tours in Kagawa Prefecture. Please contact us for more information.

SDGs Satoumi Creation Experience Program in Setouchi

Through the About 3 hour workshop (not include travel time), participants will learn why it is necessary to create Satoumi, from the perspective of the SDGs.

Let's go on
a new trip to Setouchi

SICS will propose custom made plan
which is suitable for you.

+8187-811-7923 9:30-17:30 JST

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