A legendary island where has the myth of damons

In addition to stone walls and tides for wind and tide prevention, contemporary art, and the large cave where demons lived, there are highlights unique to Momotaro's legendary island.

of Megijima

  • Washigamine Obsevatory
    The observatory is located on Washigamine, the highest mountain on the island at an altitude of 188m, and you can see a magnificent 360-degree view of the Seto Inland Sea. You can see Yashima and Goshokudai in the south, Otsuchi / Kozuchi, Takamatsu Port, Ogijima in the north, Naoshima in the northwest, and Shodoshima.
  • Takahito Kimura "Sea Gulls Parking Lot"
    An art work that visualizes the shape of an invisible wind in the direction of a seagull. Approximately 300 seagulls line up on the breakwater and tide embankment of Megi Port. The appearance of turning around all at once when the wind blows is very cute.
  • Onigashima Cave
    A cave with a size of 4,000 m2 and a depth of 400 m located on the hillside of Washigamine in the central part of the island discovered in 1918. In the cave, which is cool even in summer and has a mysterious atmosphere, the demon's conference room and the demon's general's room are reproduced, and you can experience the world of Momotaro.


  1. Takamatsu Port
  2. Megi Port
  3. Onigashima Oni no yakata (15 mins)
  4. Sea Gulls Parking Lot (5 mins)
  5. Recall of 20th century (5 mins)
  6. Ote (Stone Wall) (10 mins)
  7. Megio
  8. Onigashima Cave
  9. Megi Port
  10. Takamatsu Port

Lunch Megino

A stylish cafe that was renovated from a house built over 50 years ago and is about a 5-minute walk from Megi Port. You can also stay overnight.

Access Use of Chartered Ship

Takamatsu Port: Time Required about 20 mins
Uno Port: Time Required about 40 mins

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