An island where you can enjoy a panoramic view of Setouchi

An island in the shape of a screw, it prospered as a port of call for Kitamaebune ships during the Edo period. From the top of the mountain where Awashima Castle was, you can get a panoramic view of the Seto Bridge and other areas of Setouchi.

of Awashima

  • Missing Post Office (Hyoryu Post Office)
    A work of art by Japanese artist Saya Kubota. Using the former Awashima Post Office in Awashima, Takuma-cho, Mitoyo City, Kagawa Prefecture, it is a "post office" where you can receive letters with no destination, such as "to yourself for the future" and "to those who have past away." (Photo: Mitoyo City Tourism Exchange Bureau)
  • Le・Port Awashima
    Accommodation where you can stay while feeling the simple nature of Awashima, such as the sea, mountains, and Umihotaru in Setouchi. There are various accommodation plans, such as a plan where you can enjoy Umihotaru and a BBQ plan, where you can fully enjoy the island of Setouchi. At the on-site restaurant, which is also used by the islanders, you can enjoy seasonal menus from Kagawa Prefecture.
  • Awashima Maritime Museum
    Ruins of Japan's first seafarer training school. It is carefully preserved even after the school was closed in 1987. In the ruins of a two-story wooden school building built in 1918, old materials of Kitabune and Seafarer school days are exhibited.The pale green building is also popular as a photo spot.


  1. Takamatsu Port
  2. Awashima Suda Port
  3. Awashima Maritime Museum (20 mins)
  4. Project for the Museum of Seabed Inquiry Ship in Setouchi (20 mins)
  5. Awashima Art Village (20 mins)
  6. Missing Post Office (Hyoryu Post Office) (30 mins)
  7. Le・Port Awashima
  8. Awashima Suda Port
  9. Takamatsu Port

Lunch Le・Port Awashima

It is an accommodation facility and offers a wide range of affordable menus. A barbecue plan is also available from May to October.

Access Use of Chartered Ship

Takamatsu Port: Time Required about 1 hour 15 mins
Uno Port: Time Required about 1 hour 15 mins

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