Setouchi Island Concierge Service

SICS is a land operator service in Setouchi which promote the use of various charter boats that match the theme of your trip and introduce attractive tourism materials on each island and brand new way of spending time in Setouchi.

Custom Made Tour in Setouchi

You can leave all the cordination to SICS Ship / Meal / Sightseeing

We provide one-stop solution services in Setouchi, from proposals for charter boats that match the theme of travel to local travel coordination.

Chartered ship allow unique routes that cannot be set on regular route.

  • The Route which has no regular line
  • Crossing routes with different departure and arrival ports that can be used during the trip
  • The Route for upper class and foreign traveler that combine various vehicles

A wide variety of charter lineups

Ships are more than just a means of transportation.
We can propose various ways of your stay by making the best use of the characteristics of the ship and devising ingenuity.

Development our original contents

We are also focusing on developing our own content and providing services to general travelers. We are also focusing on environmental learning and nature experience programs based on Setouchi, and we also handle content for school trips.

Ships Lineup

Takotako Kaijo TaxiSachikaze
Capacity - 40
Price - 50,000 JPY (Tax incl.)
A pleasure boat that looks like a houseboat with cute lanterns. The 2nd floor is an open deck, with a good view and excellent compatibility for a sunset cruise.
Takotako Kaijo TaxiK&K
Capacity - 40
Price - 50,000 JPY (Tax incl.)
A lounge-type cruise ship with a gorgeous interior. Suitable for group use.
Ryobi Shodoshima Ferry GroupOlympia Dream Seto
Capacity - 229
Price - 1,320,000 JPY (Tax incl.)
A luxury cruise ferry that went into service in 2019. Party (and catering) is also possible
Capacity - 17
Price - 50,000 JPY (Tax incl.)
We will respond to your needs such as sailing, cruise experience, charter, etc.
Setouchi Island CruiseSetouchi Island Cruise Cruiser
Capacity - 10
Price - 88,000 JPY (Tax incl.)
Setouchi Island Cruise owns a luxury cruiser. We promise a comfortable and elegant trip. The ship has a bed, kitchen and shower room.

Setouchi islands 瀬戸内の島々

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