Rich nature and diverse cultures nurtured by warm climate

Shodoshima is also known as an olive producing area due to its warm climate. You can enjoy the charms of various islands such as beautiful nature, masterpieces, and special products. There are many scenic spots that shine on SNS, and it is an island with many attractions throughout the four seasons.

of Shodoshima

  • Shodoshima Olive Park
    It is said to be the birthplace of olives in Japan, and you can see the greenery of the trees in the garden and the beautiful blue of the Seto Inland Sea. There is also a museum about olives, a greenhouse, a photo spot, and a natural hot spring.
  • Angel Road
    A beautiful sandbar road that connects Bentenjima to Chuyoshima, Koyoshima, and Daiyoshima. There is a legend that it appears twice a day due to the ebb and flow of the tide and "you can be happy if you walk hand in hand with your loved one."
  • Kankakei
    The most scenic spot on Shodoshima, which is known as one of Japan's three major valley beauty. From the ropeway and mountain trails, you can enjoy beautiful expressions in spring, summer, autumn and winter.


  1. Takamatsu Port
  2. Tonosho Port
  3. Angel Road (15 mins)
  4. Twenty four Eyes Movie Studio (60 mins)
  5. Olive Farm
  6. Hishio no sato (80 mins)
  7. Restaurant Sun Olive
  8. Ikeda Port
  9. Takamatsu Port

Lunch Restaurant Sun Olive

This restaurant provide meals to enjoy Shodoshima olive oil. Chillindron rice made from Spanish-style 15-grain rice and Hamo-don are also popular.

Access Use of Chartered Ship

Takamatsu Port: Time Required about 40 mins
Uno Port: Time Required about 1 hours

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