"Sacred place of art" which is paid attention from all over the world

A small island with a circumference of about 16 km floating in the Seto Inland Sea.Museums and art works are scattered so as to blend in with the idyllic island landscape.Naoshima, which looks like an art island, is attracting attention from overseas and is a popular spot visited by many foreign tourists.

of Naoshima

  • Chichu Art Museum
    A museum where most of the buildings are buried underground so as not to spoil the landscape of the island.The works of the three artists are permanently exhibited in the building designed by Tadao Ando.It is also attractive that the appearance of the work changes with time due to the natural light shining down even though it is underground. (Photo: FUJITSUKA Mitsumasa)
  • Benesse House
    A facility that integrates the functions of a museum and a hotel. In addition to the four accommodation buildings, there are restaurants and shops that can be used by the general public.Designed by Tadao Ando to harmonize with the surrounding environment over time with the concept of "coexistence of nature, architecture and art." (Photo: Tadasu Yamamoto)
  • Art House Project
    It is being developed in the Naoshima / Honmura area where people still live. This is a project to renovate an old house and make the space itself into a work.Seven houses such as "Kadoya" and "Minamidera" are open to the public, creating a place for residents and visitors to meet. (Photo: Norihiro Ueno)


  1. Takamatsu Port / Uno Port
  2. Naoshima Miyanoura Port
  3. Art House Project (50 mins)
  4. Chichu Art Museum / Lee Ufan Museum (2 hours)
  5. Museum Restaurant Issen
  6. Art in Miyanoura Area (2 hours)Naoshima Bath "I♥湯"
  7. Naoshima Miyanoura Port
  8. Takamatsu Port / Uno Port

Lunch Museum Restaurant Issen

Japanese Cuisine Issen, a restaurant in the Benesse House Museum, offers a seasonal menu that makes use of the ingredients of Setouchi. You can enjoy contemporary art and the Seto Inland Sea from any seat, such as Hiroshi Sugimoto's work "Time Exposed", which is exhibited on the terrace that opens toward the surrounding scenery, and you can dine in an extraordinary space. You can enjoy it.

Access Use of Chartered Ship

Takamatsu Port: Time Required about 1 hours
Uno Port: Time Required about 30 mins

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