We're developing our own Original Contents

We are developing landing-type content in Setouchi in cooperation with local businesses.
It is possible to customize it according to the group, so please contact us for details.

Touring the two major sightseeing islands in KagawaShodoshima, Naoshima direct plan

Tonosho - Miyanoura
Time Required
About 45 mins
25,000~ JPY (Tax incl.) / above pax

SDGs in Setouchi and Shodoshima Satoumi making experience program

A program to experience the creation of a satoumi through beach cleaning. Lunch is a "seafood barbecue" using seafood caught in the suburbs. By eating the seafood caught in the sea that we cleaned, we will deepen our understanding of making Satoumi from the viewpoint of eating.

Time Required
About 3 hours
30 - 40 Pax 7,000 JPY (Tax Incl.)/ per pax
41 - 49 pax 6,500 JPY (Tax incl.) / per pax
above 50 pax 6,000 JPY (Tax incl.) / per pax

* Experience and Lunch are included in the price

Seto Ohashi climbing experience

This is a collaboration plan with an infrastructure tour unique to Setouchi, where you can go under the Seto Bridge from a ship and then experience the summit of the Seto Bridge.

Takamatsu Port - Experience - Yoshima - Takamatsu Port
Time Required
About 4 hours 30 mins
12,000 JPY (Tax Incl.) / per pax (above 20 pax)

* Please contact us in case of less than 20 pax

Setouchi octopus trap fishing tour & Sightseeing experience (with lunch)

A collaboration between a sightseeing tour of the Seto Inland Sea, a fishing tour where you can easily experience powerful octopus trap fishing, and food using local octopus. This is a SICS-only plan with the cooperation of a local fishery cooperative.

Kitagama Ebisu Shokudo (Takamatsu) - Experience - Lunch at Kitahama Ebisu Shokudo
Time Required
About 3 hours
4,800 JPY (Tax Incl.) / per pax * Can be arranged for small group

* Morning plan which depart 7:30 AM is also available

Stouchi Sunset Cruise

It is a cruise where you can enjoy the beautiful evening view of the Seto Inland Sea.
April - May : Depart at 5:00 PM
June - August : Depart at 6:00 PM
September : Depart at 5:00 PM
October : Depart at 4:30 PM
November - January : Depart at 4:00 PM

Takamatsu Port - Experience - Takamatsu Port
Time Required
About 90 mins
66,000 JPY (Tax incl.) / Capacity 40 pax

* Food Catering Servise is also availanle
* Group commemorative photos taken by drone aerial photography are also available.

Setouchi Chartered High Speed Boat Plan

(1) Tonosho Port – Takamatsu Port 25000 JPY approx. 45 mins Meeting Place / Tonosho Port Floating Pier
(2) Naoshima Miyanoura Port- Takamatsu Port 22000 JPY~ approx. 30 mins Meeting Place Miyanoura Port
(3) Teshima (Ieura/Karato) – Takamatsu 22000 JPY~ approx. 40 mins Meeting Place Ieura Former Liner Pier
(4) Ogi Port – Takamatsu Port 13000 JPY~ approx. 15 mins Meeting Place Ogi port Visitor berth
(5) Megi Port- Takamatsu Port 13,000 JPY approx. 10 mins Meeting Place Megi Port Visitor berth
(6) Tonosho Port – Naoshima/Miyanoura Port 25000 JPY~ approx. 45 mins Meeting Place Tonosho Port Floating Pier
(7) Tonosho Port – Uno Port 25,000 JPY~ approx. 45 mins Meeting Place Tonosho Port Floating Pier
(8) Naoshima. Miyanoura Port – Uno Port 13,000 JPY approx. 15 mins Meeting Place Miyanoura Port
(9) Teshima (Ieura/Karato)-Uno Port 20000 JPY~ approx. 25 mins Meeting Place Ieura Port former Liner Pier

* Prices shown is per ship price (Capacity 1-12 pax)
* Request of ships is not acceptable

Luxury Private Cruising!!Setouchi Chartered Cruise Plan(arrival and departure / Takamatsu port)

Take a chartered cruise to enjoy the beauty of the Seto Inland Sea. Setouchi Islands Concierge Service (SICS) offers a fleet of boats for every budget and group size. Customize a tour of the islands with the help of SICS, including itinerary planning, meals, and sightseeing excursions, or use one of SICS pre-planned package tours to enjoy experience tours such as fishing, seafood harvesting, or even climbing the Great Seto Bridge. High speed boats are available for hire to take you quickly and safely to a number of ports on the islands of Setouchi. SICS allows you to visit the places you want to visit, when you want to visit them, and provides a full service solution for you to travel in comfort between destinations.

Flow Flow from inquiry to application

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  2. Response
    We will propose a charter ship and itinerary plan according to your request.
  3. Application
    After applying, we will take care of the event until preparation for departure. We will also settle the payment.

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